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The Durafit

Equipment dependability and uptime are the key factors in the long‐term profitability of your commercial vehicle, equipment or fleet. As a result, DuraFit™ replacement diesel particulate filters (DPFs) are designed to install quickly and provide exceptional service life in your equipment.

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To Fit

Ease of installation gets your equipment back to work quickly. Each DPF unit is specifically designed to fit your diesel application – ensuring an exact replacement for your OEM diesel particulate filter. Each DuraFit DPF also comes with required gaskets.

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To Last

Although premium DuraFit OEM replacement DPFs may cost slightly more up front, they offer long‐term savings. Paying a little more for the enhancements inside DuraFit DPFs is low‐cost insurance that pays dividends in the long‐term productivity of your diesel equipment.

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Welcome to Durafit DPFs

All heavy duty diesel trucks since 2007 have a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) installed from the factory, which traps the soot in the exhaust stream from the engine and in turn keeps emissions from the vehicle lower. A DPF is a wear part, the same as an oil filter or fuel filter, and eventually over time will fail and need to be replaced.

Many things can compromise a DPF such as improper cleaning or poor engine maintenance, allowing fuel or oil to soak the filter. Until recently fleets and operators had to rely on the manufacturer to replace their DPFs, negatively impacting their profits and productivity due to the high cost and availability of the filters.

Durafit Dpfs is here to provide you with information and resources for Durafit DPF’s as well as provide ways to get replacement aftertreatment parts/filters. Visit our online superstore: DPF Parts Direct.com

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